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Become a Beta Tester!

Our beta is finally out and now we are looking for you! Become a beta tester and design mealion with us right from the start! Just click on one of the badges and download the app.

Our Concept

Meet new people in just three steps!

1. Choose the time

In order for us to connect you with the right people, you have to tell us when you want to go out for lunch.

2. Choose the location

You can choose between your canteen and three different restaurants.

3. Let's go!

Meet the people that fit you and broaden your horizons.

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Meet exactly the people you want to meet.

When creating your profile you have the possibility to specify your preferences and interests. Would you like to learn Spanish, discuss politics or simply meet new people? No problem, your buddy wants that too.!

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You don't like the canteen?

We'll make sure you don't have to worry about that either.
Your favourite restaurant or regular café is not included? Get in touch with us!

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You have submitted your desired location and time?

Now all you have to do is wait until the app assigns you the right people..


(...we value these!)

100% Free

We know that students are short of money, so using this app is completely free of charge for you. For ALWAYS!

Your data is protected

Data protection is very important to us, therefore none of your data will be sold to other companies.

100% secure

We assure you we'll do everything in our power to blow up fake accounts!

The Team

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We are Michael and Andy, two happy students of the TU Munich with a mission: to revolutionize lunch breaks. We work day and night on the app to make it as good as possible. We hope you like it!

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